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Pacific Hake/Whiting Treaty: Scientific Review Group Meeting

The Scientific Review Group will meet in February 2023 to review the draft Pacific hake/whiting stock assessment.


Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Wright Ballroom

08:30     Early login to resolve connection issues for virtual participants

09:00    Welcome and Introductions

09:15    Review and Approve Meeting Agenda (Chair)

  • Review Terms of Reference for Assessments and Review Meeting
  • Meeting report mechanics
  • Assignment of reporting duties

09:30    Fisheries, Data, and Inputs Used in the 2023 Assessment (JTC) 2022 Fisheries Catch, Size, and Age Composition Data

  • Canadian Waters
  • U.S. Waters

10:30    Break

10:45    2023 Pacific Hake Stock Assessment Methods, Results and discussion (JTC)

11:45    Lunch (on your own)

13:00    2023 Pacific Hake Assessment: Sensitivities and Retrospectives and discussion (JTC) 

13:45    Review 2022 SRG Stock Assessment Requests (JTC)

14:15     Ecosystem conditions as related to recruitment strength (JTC)

14:45    Break

15:00    Management Outcomes of the 2023 Pacific Hake Stock Assessment and discussion (JTC) 

15:45    SRG discussion, develop list of requests for JTC, as needed

16:15    Public Comment

16:30    SRG Work Session 

17:30    Adjourn for the day

Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Wright Ballroom

08:45     Early login

09:00    Discussion of previous day, follow-up questions, review results of assigned tasks, etc. 

10:00    Break

10:15    SRG Discussion, requests for additional information JTC as needed 

10:45    Survey-related Research (Survey Team) 

  • 2022 summer research
  • Overview of ongoing research projects   

11:45 Lunch (on your own)

13:00    2023 Survey Design and Plans (Survey Team)

14:00    Review of 2022 SRG Survey Recommendations (Survey Team)

14:15     Discussion of structure exchange and ageing timeline

14:30    Break

14:45    Updates on 2025 Integrated West Coast Pelagic Survey planning (Survey Team)

15:15    SRG Discussion, requests for additional information JTC, Survey Team, as needed

16:00   Public Comment

16:30    SRG Work Session 

17:00    Adjourn for the day

Thursday, February 9, 2023 

Wright Ballroom

08:45     Early login

09:00    Review of previous day, follow-up questions, etc.    

10:00    MSE progress update, including responses to 2022 SRG Recommendations/JMC requests 

10:45     Climate and ecosystem indicators for recruitment forecasts (Kristin Marshall)

11:00    NWFSC seminar (Stephane Gauthier) and Lunch (on your own)

12:30     SRG Discussion, requests for additional information from JTC, Survey Team, MSE as needed 

13:00    Spatio-temporal maturity analysis update (Melissa Head)

13:30    Hake diet research (Alicia Billings and Beth Phillips)

14:00    CEATTLE model update (Sophia Wasserman)

14:30    Break

14:45    Discussion of various topics

16:00    Public comment

16:30    SRG Work Session 

17:00    Adjourn for the day

Friday, February 10, 2023

Wright Ballroom

08:45    Early login

09:00    Review of previous day, follow-up questions, etc.

09:30    SRG discussion continued of research needs for 2023 and longer-term

  • Evaluation of base model and primary sources of uncertainty
  • MSE methodology and approaches

10:15    Break

10:30    Final SRG discussion, report review, requests for additional information, etc. 

12:00    Distribution and review status of notes and draft SRG Report

13:00    Meeting Adjourn

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