Gulf of Mexico Shrimp Fishery Management Plan


2019 Gulf of Mexico Shrimp In-Season Actions

This is a list of the in-season actions related to the Gulf of Mexico Shrimp Fishery Management Plan, such as fishery closures, that occurred in the 2019 calendar year.

Amendment 18: Modifying the Shrimp Effort Threshold

This actionwouldadjust the target reduction goal for juvenile red snapper mortality in the federal Gulf of Mexico shrimp trawl fishery in the 10-30 fathom depth zone, and would modify the Shrimp Fishery Management Plan management measures framework
There are no recently finalized actions associated with this management plan.

Shrimp Amendment 17B: Yield, Permit Threshold, and Transit Provisions

Amendment 17B defines the optimum yield for shrimp, determines the appropriate number of permits to achieve optimum yield on a continuing basis, considers measures to maintain the appropriate number of permits for the federal Gulf shrimp fishery without

Gulf of Mexico Shrimp Historical Amendments and Rulemaking (1981-2017)

The followingis a list of historic rulemakings to the Fishery Management Plan for the shrimp fishery of theGulf of Mexicoeffective 2017 and earlier. For current amendments and recentrulemaking, see theShrimp FisheryManagement Plan HomepageorNotices &

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