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NOAA announces $6.2 million in endangered species recovery grants

April 29, 2022

NOAA Fisheries proposes 12 new projects and the continuation of 13 multi-year projects under the Species Recovery Grants Program, with up to $6.2 million in new funding

NOAA Fisheries is proposing 12 new projects and the continuation of 13 multi-year projects under the Species Recovery Grants Program, with up to $6.2 million in new funding. The program supports management, research, monitoring and outreach activities that have direct conservation benefits for endangered species. 

Up to $3.6 million in funding for new awards are proposed for projects in Alaska, California, Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Florida, Maryland, Oregon, Puerto Rico and to the Makah Tribe. And up to $2.6 million in funding will continue to support 13 existing projects approved through prior grant cycles.

“States and tribes play an essential role in conserving and recovering species,” said Janet Coit, assistant administrator for NOAA Fisheries, and acting assistant secretary of commerce for oceans and atmosphere and deputy NOAA administrator. “NOAA is responsible for endangered species that may spend all or part of their lifecycle in state waters, and successful conservation depends on our cooperation with valued state and tribal partners.”  

This year’s recommended projects support our state and tribal partners in a range of activities, such as:

  • Assessing and monitoring endangered and threatened species, including evaluating abundance, spawning and foraging behaviors. 
  • Collecting demographic and genetic information to improve understanding of population distribution, habitat use and impacts from human threats.
  • Assessing the impacts of climate change on species’ predator-prey interactions, and population distribution, abundance and recovery. 
  • Improving captive reproduction, health and survival of endangered species.
  • Assisting with animal stranding responses.
  • Assessing threats of specific prey populations to the diet of endangered species.
  • Engaging the public in conservation of Endangered Species Act-listed species.

The Species Recovery Grant Program began in 2003 and is an example of how NOAA advances funding opportunities and partnerships towards recovering species while supporting our mission of preserving marine resources for future generations. 

During this period of the selection process, the application approval and obligation of funds is not final. Each application is being “recommended” for funding. This is not an authorization to start the project and is not a guarantee of funding. A complete list of funded projects to states and tribes is available online. Awardees will be notified directly when applications are approved in the coming months. For more information about this year’s proposed projects, please visit the NOAA Fisheries website.


Media contact

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