Capital Construction Fund Program - Other Information

1. If you have an extension for filing your tax return, you must submit a copy of the tax extension notice. If it is not an automatic extension, it must include Internal Revenue Service approval.

2. A Certificate of Documentation or Abstract of Title must be included for all Schedule A vessels.

3. Two Agreement forms must be submitted with the application package. They should be signed on page 4 under "Party."

4. All forms submitted that require a signature must be originals. No copies will be accepted.

5. If the application includes a used vessel acquisition, you must submit the additional Schedule B objective.

  • A. If the vessel is less than 5 years old, you must submit a Schedule B for either of the following objectives:
    • Construction of a new vessel within 10 years from the purchase date [Schbcam].

    • Reconstruction of a vessel within 7 years from the purchase date [Schbreco].
  • B. If the vessel is 5 years old or more, you must submit the following objective:
    • Reconstruction of that vessel acquired within 7 years from the purchase date [Schbreco].

6. If you intend to make a deposit of sale or insurance proceeds, please provide us with the name of the vessel that was sold, a copy of the Bill of Sale, and a completed Net Proceeds Worksheet [net proceeds form].

7. Two years of federal income tax returns are required.

8. Application must include the name of depository and the city and state where it is located.

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