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National Fish Habitat Partnership Celebrates 10 Years of Success

Highlighting the joint accomplishments of NOAA and the National Fish Habitat Partnership.


The places where fish live—from waters along riverbanks to waves crashing on salty shores—need more attention. The growing problems facing fish habitat brought people together 10 years ago to develop new solutions.

In 2006, conservation-minded individuals created the National Fish Habitat Action Plan, later renamed the National Fish Habitat Partnership. Since then, NOAA has supported the partnership’s goals by providing leadership, technical expertise, and funding to support fish habitat conservation activities that match NOAA’s mission.

The partnership leads an unprecedented, nationwide attempt to address the rapid decline and loss of fish habitat. This is a science-based and voluntary effort. It pulls together the energy, expertise, and existing programs of state and federal agencies, conservation organizations, foundations, and individuals. In a nutshell, the partnership connects concerned groups and citizens nationally and locally. It seeks to sustain treasured aquatic habitats and the people that depend on them.

Here we highlight a few joint accomplishments of NOAA and the National Fish Habitat Partnership. The next decade may bring even greater challenges and achievements.

View 10-year anniversary infographic