2019 Funded Prescott Grant Proposals

Prescott Grants support a core mission of NOAA Fisheries – the conservation and recovery of protected marine species – by helping to improve our national marine mammal stranding response capabilities. For fiscal year 2019, 43 competitive Prescott Grants were awarded totaling $3,580,526 to recipients from 18 states and one tribe, representing marine mammal stranding network partners from every Fisheries Region. Through this program over the past 18 years we’ve provided $60.2 million, and our stranding network partners have brought an additional $19.8 million, to build a strong network of over 100 trained, professional partners. These trained professionals and volunteers provide valuable environmental intelligence as they respond to marine mammals in distress, helping NOAA establish links among the health of marine mammals, coastal ecosystems, and coastal communities. The tables below, organized by the State where the recipient is located, list the applicant name, project title, and funding amount awarded for fiscal year 2019.