At-Sea Monitoring in the Northeast

We manage the At-Sea Monitoring Program required by the Northeast Multispecies Fishery Management Plan and oversee the at-sea monitoring service provider companies. We provide observer training and certification. Our staff performs data quality assessments, processes pre-trip notifications, and manages vessel selections.

Stern trawl with drum filled with gear at commercial fishing dock.

Groundfish trawl vessels in port. Photo: NOAA Fisheries

Our at-sea monitors collect scientific, management, regulatory compliance, and economic data. They collect these data onboard commercial fishing vessels. These data are needed for the management and monitoring of the annual catch limits and groundfish sectors.

Fishermen’s Information

  • For multispecies trips, including monkfish, notify for a fishing trip 48 hours prior to planned sail date.
  • View your observer data electronically (for groundfish trips). Please have your permit and PIN number available, as well as the pre-trip notification information.

Monitoring Service Providers

Regulations and Requirements

Reports and Monitoring


Last updated by Northeast Fisheries Science Center on March 05, 2020