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Inbreeding: A Conservation Challenge for Iconic Killer Whales

New genome sequencing reveals the reason behind Southern Resident killer whales' failure to thrive.
March 30, 2023 - Podcast ,
A black and white Southern Resident killer whale leaping out of the water. The fin of another whale is visible and a boat and mountains are in the background.

What One Health Means to Wildlife Conservation, Human and Veterinary Medicine

A NOAA ecologist and professionals from human and veterinary medical fields discuss what’s next after Hawaiʻi One Health Month in January 2023.
March 24, 2023 - Podcast ,

Infographic: Sunflower Sea Stars are Important for Maintaining a Healthy Marine Ecosystem

Without sunflower sea stars, and other urchin predators, the community shifts from species-rich kelp forests to urchin barrens.
March 15, 2023 - Infographic ,

Fishadelphia: Connecting Communities with Fresh Seafood

Fishadelphia is a community-supported fishery that brings fresh, local seafood to economically and culturally diverse communities in Philadelphia.
March 14, 2023 - Podcast ,
The Fishadelphia team. The Fishadelphia team. Credit: Dr. Talia Young.

Work With Us!

Interested in working for NOAA Fisheries? Hear from our employees about what makes the West Coast Region a great place to work.
March 08, 2023 - Video ,
Dereka Chargualaf wading in a river, writing on a clipboard Dereka Chargualaf, Fish Biologist with NOAA Fisheries West Coast Region in the California Coastal Office records data during a site visit on the Sacramento River. 

RICHARD American Sāmoa/PRIAs 2023 Cruise

Follow the NOAA RICHARD mission as we map the ocean floor and deploy scientists to conduct coral reef assessments around American Sāmoa and the Pacific Remote Island Areas.
March 07, 2023 - Photo Gallery ,
NOAA ship Rainier is docked at a concrete pier

Whales, Dolphins, and Seabirds in the Hawaiian Archipelago

A photo gallery of the Hawaiian Islands Cetacean and Ecosystem Assessment Survey in 2023.
March 06, 2023 - Photo Gallery ,

Catch Up on Our Podcast

Learn about our podcast, Dive In with NOAA Fisheries, and catch up on past episodes.
March 03, 2023 - Podcast ,
Diver completing a fish survey

A Citizen's Guide to Fishery Management

Hear how regional fishery management councils shape the management of our nation's fisheries.
February 16, 2023 - Podcast ,
Northeast fishing boats