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Pacific Islands Region: Fishing Provides More than Just Fish

In the Pacific Islands, non-commercial fishing is a way to provide food for our families and communities, perpetuate traditions, and connect with one another.
June 07, 2023 - Video ,
Close up of a fishing rod with a Pacific Island in the background across the water; a rainbow is visible to the right. Non-commercial fishing in the Pacific Islands. Credit: NOAA Fisheries

NOAA and Partners Successfully Relocated and Released Pup at New Home

NOAA Fisheries and partners successfully relocated female Hawaiian monk seal pup RS36 (Pualani) to a remote Oʻahu shoreline on May 30, 2023.
June 06, 2023 - Photo Gallery ,
A team of 8 safely carrying and offloading seal carrier from the back of a pickup truck.

Climate Change and Marine Animals: A Conservation Challenge

Climate-driven changes such as higher ocean temperatures and extreme weather events are affecting the health of marine animals—and their ability to survive.
May 24, 2023 - Video ,
Two humpback whales swimming underwater. The water is very blue, and the surface is visible just above their heads. Humpback whales swimming underwater. Credit:

Casting Connections

We're dedicated to supporting sustainable recreational fisheries for all. NOAA Fisheries works with partners to connect children and families to our marine environment through recreational fishing adventures. Take a look at the good times we reeled in!
May 20, 2023 - Photo Gallery ,
NOAA and NPT discuss the upcoming day of fishing

The Endangered Species Act at 50

NOAA Fisheries Assistant Administrator Janet Coit celebrates 50 years of the Endangered Species Act and discusses why it is such a foundational law.
May 19, 2023 - Podcast ,
Gray whale breaches, or leaps up and out of the water, with mountains in the background. Gray whale breaching. Credit: NOAA Fisheries/Merrill Gosho.

NOAA Leadership Insights on U.S. Seafood

The seafood industry is impacted by global forces such as climate change, international trade relations, and growing competition for ocean use—forces which also shape NOAA's priorities.
May 05, 2023 - Podcast ,
NOAA Administrator, Dr. Richard Spinrad and NOAA Fisheries Assistant Administrator, Janet Coit, with representatives from the Intertribal Agriculture Council at Seafood Expo North America 2023 in Boston NOAA Administrator, Dr. Richard Spinrad, and NOAA Fisheries Assistant Administrator, Janet Coit, with representatives from the Intertribal Agriculture Council at Seafood Expo North America 2023 in Boston. Credit: NOAA Fisheries.

Newportal 2023 Contour Maps

These contour plots display the most recent oceanographic data collected off Newport, Oregon.
April 27, 2023 - Photo Gallery ,
Newport contour plots 02/16/2023

Reintroductions: A Lifeline for Salmon in California's Central Valley

Dams with no fish passage have trapped salmon on the floor of California's Central Valley, where water is hotter. To avoid extinction, reintroductions to their historical high-elevation habitat may be the answer to save these endangered fish.
April 20, 2023 - Video ,
A white man in khaki and hip waders holds a large tube, through which salmon and water is shooting into a river. A U.S. Fish and Wildlife employee reintroduces salmon into a Central Valley river.

Monk Seals Released at Kuaihelani (Midway Atoll), March 2023

NOAA Fisheries and partners return three rehabilitated Hawaiian monk seals to their home in Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument March 22–25, 2023.
April 05, 2023 - Photo Gallery ,
Two Hawaiian monk seals resting next to each other (face to face).