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Whale Week: Celebrating the Wonder of Whales

Celebrate Whale Week 2024 with us! Discover NOAA's work to study, recover, and conserve these magnificent marine mammals.
February 12, 2024 - Feature Story ,
Graphic for Whale Week featuring illustrations of long-finned pilot whale, sperm whale, beluga whale, and North Atlantic right whale

Study Provides Guidance on Detecting North Atlantic Right Whales in Wind Energy Areas

Scientists used passive acoustics to determine how long offshore wind developers should listen for endangered right whales before construction.
February 12, 2024 - Feature Story ,
A right whale in clear blue water, skimming just below the surface, mouth open to catch plankton

Examination Continues into Cause of Whale’s Death on Martha’s Vineyard

North Atlantic right whale on Martha’s Vineyard had a chronic entanglement and was seen in poor health before its death. Experts are examining the rope and other samples collected from the whale.
February 05, 2024 - Feature Story ,
deceased female North Atlantic right whale Deceased female North Atlantic right whale. Credit: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute/Michael Moore. Taken under NOAA Permit # 24359.

Whales on the Brink: Making Strides in Marine Mammal Research and Protection

NOAA Fisheries and partners convened an event celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Endangered Species Act, the discovery of the Rice’s whale, and recent advancements in marine mammal research and conservation.
February 01, 2024 - Feature Story ,
A large group of people smile in front of an ocean-themed backdrop in a museum NOAA staff stand by the new Rice’s whale exhibit (far right) in Sant Ocean Hall at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Credit: NOAA Fisheries/Paul Hillman

Documenting the Elusive North Pacific Right Whale

North Atlantic right whales get a lot of attention. In this episode, we learn a little about their lesser known West Coast cousins: North Pacific right whales, whose numbers are dramatically low.
January 11, 2024 - Podcast ,
north-pacific-right-whale.jpg North Pacific right whale. Credit: Brenda K. Rone

Warming in the Bering Sea Impacts Phytoplankton Bloom Type

Timing of spring phytoplankton blooms affects the food web.
December 22, 2023 - Feature Story ,
Satellite view of the Bering Sea during spring Bering Sea in bloom on May 15, 2002. Credit: NASA