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NOAA Necropsy Team Finds Indications of Trauma in Death of Male Humpback

Preliminary results from the necropsy of a male humpback on Admiralty Island in Southeast Alaska found signs of hemorrhage, bruising, and a fractured skull—indications of trauma likely caused by a vessel strike. “Confirmation of cause of death is pending lab results, which won’t be available...
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NOAA Fisheries biologist, Alicia Bishop, during humpback whale necropsy in southeast Alaska

Alaska Halibut Fishermen Gear up for March 24 Season Opener

NOAA Fisheries announces catch limits and charter management measures for 2018
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Commercial halibut fishing in Southeast Alaska.

Commercial halibut fishing in Southeast Alaska.

From Alaska to Texas: New home announced for beluga whale calf

SeaWorld San Antonio is the new permanent home for the rescued Cook Inlet beluga whale calf named “Tyonek” currently undergoing rehabilitation at the Alaska SeaLife Center. Once NOAA Fisheries determined Tyonek was “non-releasable” and could not survive in the wild, the agency followed its...
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NOAA Seeks Nominations for U.S. Seats on the International Pacific Halibut Commission

NOAA Fisheries is seeking nominations to fill two non-NOAA commissioner seats on the International Pacific Halibut Commission. Terms for the current commissioners—who are eligible for reappointment—expire on March 31, 2018. Through the IPHC, the United States and Canada have jointly managed the Pacific...
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Rescued Calf Cannot be Released Back to Wild; Search Begins for New Home

Kate Brogan, 301-427-8030 Julie Speegle, 907-586-7032 NOAA Fisheries has determined a male Cook Inlet beluga whale calf found stranded in Cook Inlet in September 2017, and rehabilitated at the Alaska SeaLife Center, is not capable of surviving on his own, and cannot be released back into...
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This male Cook Inlet beluga calf has been cared for at the Alaska SeaLife Center since it was rescued from a mudflat in western

Stranded Cook Inlet Beluga Whale Calf Safely Transported to the Alaska SeaLife Center for Rehabilitation

Julie Speegle, 907-586-7032 Nancy Deel (Alaska SeaLife Center), 907-224-6375 Seward, AK (October 03, 2017) –The Alaska SeaLife Center (ASLC) received a stranded male beluga whale calf from Cook Inlet on Saturday, September 30. The solitary animal, estimated at two to four weeks old, was found...
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Alaska SeaLife Center staff Kenny Reagan and Deanna Trobaugh guide a 2-4 week old male Cook Inlet beluga calf in his new environ

NOAA Proposes Compensated Reallocation Program Between Halibut Commercial and Charter Sectors

NOAA Fisheries is proposing to authorize formation of a recreational quota entity (RQE), which could purchase and hold commercial halibut quota shares for use by charter anglers in International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC) regulatory Areas 2C (Southeast Alaska) and 3A (Southcentral Alaska). The...
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NOAA Humanely Hazes Aggressive California Sea Lion at Auke Bay

A male California sea lion spotted lounging on the dock at Auke Bay over the weekend has gently been encouraged to haul out elsewhere.  A marine mammal expert from NOAA Fisheries Alaska Regional Office and a NOAA Office of Law Enforcement officer teamed up with assistance from the Auke Bay Harbormaster...
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NOAA Supervisory Enforcement Officer Robert Marvelle and Auke Bay Harbormaster Dwight Tajon stand watch over a California sea li

NOAA Asks Public to Stay Clear of Deceased Humpback at Kincaid Park

NOAA Fisheries is asking the public to stay away from the carcass of a humpback whale that washed ashore at Kincaid Park. The whale is located on the beach, about a mile from the sand dunes. “Marine mammals can transmit disease to humans and pets, so people should stay away, and keep their pets away...
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NOAA Fisheries is asking the public to stay away from this humpback whale carcass, which washed ashore at Kincaid Park over the

NOAA Fisheries and Partners Invite Public to Help Count Cook Inlet Beluga Whales

Beluga whales are one of Alaska’s iconic marine mammals. That’s why NOAA Fisheries and partners invite members of the public to participate in conserving the endangered population in Cook Inlet in a new event called “Belugas Count!” —being held Saturday, September 9, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., in the greater Anchorage...
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Beluga whales are dark gray as young calves, then gradually turn lighter gray as they get older, and eventually become white.