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Protected Resources Permits & Authorizations

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Commercial or Educational Photography Permit

This permit authorizes photography or filming of marine mammals that are not listed as threatened…
Commercial / Educational Photography ,

ESA Scientific Research and Enhancement Permits

A scientific research and/or enhancement permit is required for any person planning to conduct any…
Scientific Research & Enhancement ,

Incidental Take Authorizations Under the Marine Mammal Protection Act

The Marine Mammal Protection Act requires that an incidental take authorization be obtained for the…
For Marine Mammals ,

Letter of Confirmation Under the General Authorization

This is an expedited and simpler option for researchers studying marine mammals that are not…
Scientific Research & Enhancement ,

Letter of Determination for Protected Species Parts and Products

A Letter of Determination allows you to possess, import, export, and sell (in certain circumstances…
Import / Export / Selling Parts ,

Permits for the Incidental Taking of Endangered and Threatened Species

The Endangered Species Act requires that an incidental take permit be obtained for any “take” of an…
For Endangered / Threatened Species ,

Public Display Permit for Marine Mammals

A public display permit is for the capture of marine mammals in U.S. waters or importation of…
Public Display ,

Scientific Research and Enhancement Permits for Marine Mammals

A permit is required for any proposed research or enhancement activity that involves "take" of…
Scientific Research & Enhancement ,

Scientific Research Permit for Marine Mammal and Protected Species Parts

A research permit for the collection, receipt, import, and export of parts from protected species…
Scientific Research & Enhancement ,

West Coast Salmon, Steelhead, and Sturgeon Permitting

The Endangered Species Act provides several mechanisms for authorizing and permitting activities…
West Coast Salmon, Steelhead & Sturgeon ,