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Shrimp Pilot Study

December 01, 2023

Early adopter pilot study success rate.

The Southeast Fisheries Science Center tested cellular vessel monitoring system (VMS) units on board federally-permitted shrimp vessels in the Gulf of Mexico shrimp fleet alongside existing 3G cellular electronic logbook (cELB) devices. The devices track time-stamped vessel position to determine how much time is spent towing nets versus steaming to fishing grounds. This is converted to an estimate of effort, in tow days. These data are used directly in stock assessments to estimate red snapper bycatch and are essential to meet sea turtle conservation requirements. 

ASMFC= Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission

Unit Type



Unit Name cELB old cELB new ZenVMS Boat Command Nemo Tracker One
Positions Correctly Reported* 49% 94% 98% 97% 86% 56%
NOAA Type Approved     Yes Yes Yes  
Use in Other U.S. Fisheries     Gulf of Mexico Charter and Headboat (For-Hire) ASMFC American Lobster; Jonah Crab Gulf of Mexico Charter Vessels; ASMFC American Lobster In trial by State of Maine - Under ASMFC Addendum 29 (American lobster and Jonah crab)

*Percent of GPS positions correctly reported during pilot tests (percentage of ten-minute intervals in which at least one GPS position was recorded by the device).

Last updated by Southeast Fisheries Science Center on 12/07/2023