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Steller Sea Lion Haulout and Rookery Locations in the United States

January 02, 2016

This dataset contains site names with corresponding geographic coordinates of 472 consistently-used and known Steller sea lion haul sites.

The dataset haul site names are consistent throughout MML data products and can be used to provide geospatial referencing for other MML dataset products and publications. For legal descriptions of sites listed as Critical Habitat under the Endangered Species Act, refer to 50 CFR 226.202. Metadata for this dataset are available through InPort 17921 , metadata and the data are available through the NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information doi: 10.7289/V58C9T7V

This dataset must be cited as: Fritz, Lowell; Sweeney, Kathryn; Towell, Rod; Gelatt, Tom (2015). Steller sea lion haulout and rookery locations in the United States for 2015-05-14 (NCEI Accession 0129877). NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information. Dataset. doi:10.7289/V58C9T7V [access date]

Last updated by Alaska Fisheries Science Center on 11/27/2018

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