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Fisheries Economics of the United States, 2018 Report

November 15, 2021

Fisheries Economics of the United States (FEUS) is an annual report that provides economic statistics on the nation’s commercial fishing and seafood industry and recreational fisheries and marine-related businesses.

Published each fall, Fisheries Economics of the United States takes a detailed look at the economic performance of commercial and recreational fisheries and other marine-related sectors on a state, regional, and national basis. It also describes how U.S. commercial and recreational fishing affects the economy, in terms of employment, sales, and value-added impacts. For each region, management highlights give a summary of stock status, updates on catch share programs, and other selected management issues.

For 2018, U.S. commercial and recreational saltwater fishing generated over $238 billion in sales impacts, contributed $108 billion to gross domestic product, and supported 1.7 million jobs in the U.S. marine fishing sector and across the broader economy. This information highlights the importance of our commercial and recreational fisheries to our national economy.

Infographic showing Fisheries Economic Impact Trends for 2018. Fisheries supported 1.7 million jobs (1.2 million commercial and 470,000 recreational); $238 billion in sales ($165 billion commercial and $72 billion recreational); $108 billion in value added ($67 billion commercial and $41 billion recreational).
2018 U.S. Commercial and Recreational Fisheries Highlights

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