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MAFAC Reports: Examples of Fisheries Management Framework/Inseason Management Actions That Allow a More Nimble Response to Changes in Fisheries; and Data to Support Adaptive Management

November 15, 2017

Appendices E and F of the 2017 MAFAC Resilience Report.

MAFAC was charged with identifying mechanisms and tools that are currently available to fishery managers to enable more agile and adaptive fishery management actions that were effective or could be strengthened when change is occurring, to increase resilience in U.S. fisheries. Acknowledging the breadth of this issue, the work was broken into two separate areas of focus. One focused on specific examples of successful application of management tools and techniques that have enabled agile and dynamic management of fisheries, such as robust framework actions with comprehensive accountability measures (Appendix E), and the other focused on the data needed to make sound management decisions (including more real-time data) (Appendix F).

These reports are Appendices E and F of the greater MAFAC Resilience Report.

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