Electronic Sample Request Form for Groundfish Surveys in the Northeast

January 06, 2020

We receive more than 100 sampling requests of biological specimens from our surveys. These surveys include the bottom trawl, shrimp, sea scallop and clam dredges.

We are responsible for annual offshore surveys of finfish and invertebrate resources. We strive to assist internal and external investigators whenever possible. Cruise priorities incorporate accepted internal and external requests.  

All sampling requests should be submitted electronically. If this is not possible, please contact Jakub Kircun at (508) 495-2281) for assistance. Prior to submitting a sampling request, please review our program requirements and restrictions.

To submit a sampling request click on the appropriate survey link. You will receive an automatic email reply indicating that your request has been submitted. Your request will be evaluated relative to our other sampling priorities. You will be contacted if there are issues associated with the request. If your request is approved for inclusion within our special samples list for a given cruise, we will make every effort to secure samples for you. We cannot guarantee that we will successfully secure all requested samples.

Current Surveys

Please note that any additional inquiries or comments about the Spring and Fall requests should be emailed to Jakub Kircun, while any such inquires about the scallop requests should be emailed to Nancy McHugh.


Last updated by Northeast Fisheries Science Center on 06/18/2020