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Compliance Guide: Vessel Monitoring Program for the Pacific Coast Groundfish Fishery

January 29, 2020

Compliance Guide for 2020 changes to the Vessel Monitoring System Program, updated May 2020

The vessel monitoring system (VMS) consists of equipment that tracks a vessel's geographic position through a satellite communication system. A VMS transceiver unit is installed aboard the vessel that communicates via a satellite to a processing center. For the Pacific Coast program, a basic VMS system with 2-way communication will be used to track vessel activity in relation to closed areas within 200 nautical miles along the Pacific coast.

This guide provides information on the VMS requirements for the Pacific Coast Groundfish fishery, including answering questions on who is required to use a VMS, what equipment is appropriate, and how the system works, and what exemptions apply.

Last updated by West Coast Regional Office on 03/23/2022

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