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Growth, Mortality, and Reproduction of the Oblique-Banded Snapper in Guam

March 30, 2021

A comprehensive life-history assessment to fill the gap in Pristipomoides zonatus, a deep-water snapper species harvested in Guam that lacks life-history information with results providing the necessary information for management of P. zonatus in Guam.

Deep-water snapper fisheries in the Mariana Archipelago are important commercial, recreational and subsistence fisheries. 

Pristipomoides zonatus, one of the top four deep-water snapper species harvested in Guam, lacked life-history information. 

To fill this gap, a comprehensive life-history assessment for P. zonatus, which included age, growth, mortality and reproduction, was conducted in Guam. 

The size range of P. zonatus sampled for life history was from 11.5 cm to 40.4 cm (fork length), with ages ranging from 0.5 to 30 years. Von Bertalanffy growth model-combined sex parameters were L∞ = 36.91 cm and K = 0.29. Males obtained a larger average size and a larger asymptotic size (+3.03 cm) than did females. Pristipomoides zonatus matures at a small size and age (L50 ≤ 24.0 cm and A50 ≤ 2.1 years) relative to their maximum size (40.4 cm) and age (30 years). Additionally, P. zonatus has a long spawning season and a short spawning interval, suggesting high reproductive output. 

Our results expand knowledge on Pristipomoides life history (fast early growth, moderately long-lived, high productivity), providing the necessary information for the management of P. zonatus in Guam.

Schemmel E, Nichols R, Cruz E, Boyer JFF, Camacho FA (2021). Growth, mortality, and reproduction of the oblique-banded snapper (Pristipomoides zonatus) in Guam. Marine and Freshwater Research. Published. https://doi.org/10.1071/mf21094

Last updated on 12/03/2021