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2022 5-Year Review: Summary & Evaluation of Lower Columbia River Chinook Salmon, Columbia River Chum Salmon, Lower Columbia River Coho Salmon, and Lower Columbia River Steelhead

Five-year reviews describe whether recovery is on track in the context of the recovery plan, explain what the most significant accomplishments have been over the previous five years, and identify the greatest immediate challenges for species recovery.
October 21, 2022 - ESA 5-Year Review ,

2016 5-Year Review : Summary & Evaluation of Lower Columbia River Chinook Salmon Columbia River Chum Salmon Lower Columbia River Coho Salmon Lower Columbia River Steelhead

On February 6, 2015, we announced the initiation of five year reviews for 17 ESUs of salmon and 11 DPSs of steelhead in Oregon, California, Idaho, and Washington (80 FR 6695). We requested that the public submit new information on these species that has b
May 26, 2016 - ESA 5-Year Review ,