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Alaska Essential Fish Habitat (EFH) Species Shapefiles

EFH species shapefiles for download in zip format (179 MB)
December 19, 2018 - Data Set ,

Pacific Islands Benthic Habitat Mapping Center

The Pacific Islands Benthic Habitat Mapping Center provides online access to benthic habitat maps and data for coral reef ecosystems throughout the U.S. Pacific Islands, including the Hawaiian and Mariana archipelagos, American Samoa, and 
August 03, 2018 - Map ,

Alaska Essential Fish Habitat (EFH) Mapper

Essential Fish Habitat (EFH) ArcGIS web application
July 23, 2018 - Map ,
Alaska EFP mapper

Alaska EFP mapper

Nearshore Fish Atlas

Essential Fish Habitat in Alaska
April 30, 2018 - Database ,

ShoreZone - Maps, Video, Images

Images, videos and maps of Alaska's coastline
April 30, 2018 - Query Tool ,
ShoreZone Alaska coastline mapped

Chinook Salmon Critical Habitat Map

California Coastal ESU, Central Valley Spring-Run ESU, Lower Columbia River ESU, Puget Sound ESU, Sacramento River Winter-Run ESU, Snake River Fall Run ESU, Snake River Spring-Summer Run ESU, Upper Columbia River ESU, Upper Willamette River ESU
March 27, 2018 - Map ,

Alaska Endangered Species and Critical Habitat Mapper Web Application

Spacial data and maps of critical habitat and Endangered Species Act (ESA) threatened and endangered marine mammals under NOAA Fisheries jurisdiction in Alaska.
January 29, 2018 - Query Tool ,

NOAA Deep Sea Coral Data Portal

Portal provides access to deep-sea coral and sponge data, images, and technical reports from research funded by NOAA’s Deep Sea Coral Research and Technology Program (DSCRTP) and its partners.
January 08, 2018 - Data ,

Alaska Bathymetry Map

Bathymetry data can be analyzed to provide important information (e.g., slope and roughness) for defining Essential Fish Habitat. This mapping tool contains bathymetry data compiled by the Alaska Fisheries Science Center's Groundfish Assessment Program
January 02, 2018 - Map ,

Alaska Habitat Mapping Bibliography Database

This is a searchable bibliography database containing 224 records on the applicability of sonar technology for mapping fish habitat.
December 29, 2017 - Query Tool ,