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1954 Alaska Fur Seal Investigations

Biological studies were conducted on the Pribilof Islands in 1954 between 28 May and 25 September. All five islands of the group were visited during the summer but the biological studies were carried out primarily on St. Paul.
June 28, 1954 - Assessments ,

1953 Alaska Fur Seal Investigations

Collaborators and visiting scientists. The adequacy of the laboratory on St. Paul Island for use by the regular workers concurrently with visiting scientists has been discussed in earlier reports. In 1953 we increased the worktable and seating space in order to accommodate more compatible the parasitology group and those working on general biological problems. Also, better lights were installed by the island management. Conditions were generally improved although we look forward to the use of the new laboratory when completed.
June 28, 1953 - Assessments ,

1952 Alaska Fur Seal Investigations

Scheffer was on St. Paul Island from 8 to 25 August, and Kenyon from 13 September to 5 October. Because of the pressing importance of Pelagic studies in the North Pacific Ocean during the spring and summer of 1952, little attention was paid to the Pribilof Islands.
June 28, 1952 - Assessments ,

1951 Alaska Fur Seal Investigations

Collaborators and visiting scientists. Nineteen fifty-one was a record year for collaborators and visiting scientists. These men make invaluable contributions to fur seal research and it is our opinion that such visits should be encouraged. However, it should be realized that visitors in 1951 far outstripped the work facilities.
June 28, 1951 - Assessments ,

1950 Alaska Fur Seal Investigations

The biologists continued their laboratory studies of the fur seal specimens and statistics gathered during the field season of 1949 on the Pribilof Islands.
June 28, 1950 - Assessments ,

1949 Alaska Fur Seal Herd Studies

This report summarizes the biologist's activities under Project 80 in the field season of 1949 on the Pribilof Islands, and their subsequent studies in Seattle. A report for each major phase of the investigation has independently been issued. The present report gives a list of the these and adds certain minor biological findings.
June 28, 1949 - Assessments ,

1948 Alaska Fur Seal Herd Studies

This report describes briefly the activities under Project 80 in 1948. Generally speaking, the biologists 1. photographed the seal beaches from the air, 2. counted dead seal pups, 3. studies the human error in measuring seals on the killing field, 4. tagged 19, 532 seal pups, 5. studied the growth rate of seals of known age, 6. collected liver samples for the vitamin A analysis, 7. counted seals at the sea during the fall migration, 8. made a critical study of the present method of computing the seal population, and 9. engaged in research of lesser importance.
June 28, 1948 - Assessments ,

1947 Alaska Fur Seal Herd Studies

Victor B. Scherrer, Project Leader William II. Sholes, Jr., Aqua. to Biologist, entered on duty 9 May and resigned 2 December; Karl W. Kenyon, a Biologist, entered on duty 12 June Robert Z. Drown, Collaborator, in the field from 14 May to 12 August. John W. Slipp, Collaborator, in the field from 17 to 19 April.
June 28, 1947 - Assessments ,

1946 Alaska Fur Seal Herd Studies

The aim of the Canadian visitors was to study the methods employed by the Fish and Wildlife Service in managing the fur seal herd, especially in apportioning to Canada her share of the take. The biologist found it a pleasure to work with these men. He endeavored to give them a background of facts and theories pertaining to fur seal biology and management. At the close of the summer 32 photographs (in duplicate) of sealing operations were supplied out of the biological files to each of the Canadian visitors, supplementing photographic records which they themselves obtained. The Canadians were of daily assistance in the regular program of fur seal research, and not only contributed manual labor but also offered suggestions and ideas which will be useful in planning future research.
June 28, 1946 - Assessments ,

1944 Alaska Fur Seal Herd Studies

The following report is subdivided according to the filing system adopted in 1941 and described in a letter to Dr. W. B. Bell, April 24, 1944. In some categories of the system there 1s nothing new to report at the present time. Field operations were carried out on St. Paul Island by the writer from May 16 to August 9, 1944. It is recommended that a later period, say from June 15 to October I, be covered by the biologist in 1945.
June 28, 1944 - Assessments ,