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Quantitative Ecology and Socioeconomics Training

QUEST educates and trains the next generation of ecosystem scientists, stock assessment scientists, and economists. It also provides learning and training opportunities on the science behind fisheries management to the general public.
October 15, 2018 - Student Opportunity ,

Center for Marine Biodiversity and Conservation

The Center for Marine Biodiversity and Conservation is a collaboration among NOAA, the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego; and the San Diego Supercomputer Center. The collaboration provides interdisciplinary training linking the natural, social and informatic sciences with the goal of training the next generation of marine science scholars.
October 14, 2018 - Student Opportunity ,

Southwest Fisheries Science Center Summer Internships

The La Jolla Laboratory partners with the San Diego Unified School District in an education program to help students learn about NOAA Fisheries Service research activities.
October 12, 2018 - Student Opportunity ,

2024 Veterinary Aquaculture Research & Policy Fellowship with NOAA Fisheries and Connecticut Sea Grant

This 2 to 4 week program is for fourth-year veterinary students from diverse backgrounds who want to explore aquaculture medicine research and policy. Fellows will assist staff with laboratory and field-based bivalve disease research.
July 28, 2023 - Student Opportunity ,
Student preparing oyster system.