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Fall 2022 California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations Survey

June 06, 2023

The 2022 Fall CalCOFI cruise sailed aboard SIO/UNOLS vessel Sally Ride from November 5-16 to survey the distributions and abundances of pelagic fish stocks, their prey, and their biotic and abiotic environments in the California Current.

The 2022 Fall CalCOFI Survey will take place on the SIO/UNOLS vessel Sally Ride from November 5-16. This survey will review the distributions and abundances of pelagic species, their prey, eDNA and their biotic and abiotic environments in identified target areas in West Coast Sanctuaries from San Diego to Monterey and extend approximately 150 miles offshore.

November 5, 2022
The fall CalCOFI cruise departed on Nov 5 aboard the SIO/UNOLS vessel Sally Ride and were able to complete 54 of 75 stations through Wednesday, November 16. There was a bit of weather early on in the trip which slowed the cruise down, but  has been cooperating since then. They are currently heading offshore on line 80, off Point Conception. If the weather holds and they continue completing stations at the current rate, they will be home midday on Sunday, November 20.  Everyone is in good spirits, working well together, and looking forward to successfully completing the cruise.

Image of eclipse from deck
Eclipse of the moon from the deck of SIO/UNOLS Sally Ride early in the fall CalCOFI cruise.


November 20, 2022
On Saturday, November 20, the UNOLS vessel Sally Ride docked at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography Nimitz Marine Facility to conclude the fall CalCOFI cruise. Despite a couple of days of bumpy weather at the beginning of the trip, operations went smoothly allowing for the entire science team to complete 73/75 of the planned stations. 

Last updated by Southwest Fisheries Science Center on July 19, 2023