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Sustainable Fisheries Division - Southeast Social Science Branch

Comprehensive information about Social Science efforts in the Gulf of Mexico, South Atlantic, and Caribbean


The Southeast Regional Office (SERO) Fisheries Social Science Branch conducts applied research, analysis, and data collection on the use and management of living marine resources.  This includes the use of existing fisheries data bases, field research and data collection, and interdisciplinary collaboration (with staff from other NOAA Fisheries regions and centers, fishery management councils, state fisheries agencies, universities, and contractors).  For specific regulatory policies, actions, and alternatives, the work is conducted, summarized, reviewed and published by the councils and NOAA Fisheries in accord with existing federal requirements and guidelines.

Published Research Publications

For copies of the following staff publications, please contact the Southeast Regional Office Social Science Branch by phone 727-824-5305 or email.

  • Impacts of Hurricane Katrina on Gulf of Mexico Coastal Fishing Communities
  • Factors Affecting Participation in Marine Fisheries: Case Studies in Georgia and North Florida
  • Update on the Economic Status of the Gulf of Mexico Commercial Shrimp Fishery
  • Fishery Analysis of the Commercial Fisheries for Eleven Coastal Migratory Pelagic Species
  • Florida’s Commercial Fishery for Caribbean Spiny Lobster
  • Florida’s Commercial Fishery for Stone Crab
  • Spiny Lobster: Florida’s Commercial Fishery, Markets, and Global Landings and Trade

Fishing Status Fishing Communities

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