Story Map: West Coast Groundfish Amendment 28

November 27, 2019

Amendment 28 protects groundfish habitat, cold water reefs, and deep-water ecosystems, relaxes some fishing restrictions, will increase the availability of sustainable groundfish to local West Coast communities and boost coastal economies.

Gopher rockfish

Gopher rockfish at a California reef bottom. Photo Lt. John Crofts, NOAA Corps

Groundfish on the West Coast encompass over 90 species sharing one important trait: at some point in their life they live on or near the ocean floor. Groundfish are a crucial part of West Coast underwater environments. They act as both predator and prey to different species and help maintain balance in underwater food chains.

Story Map: West Coast Groundfish Amendment 28: Where Conservation Meets Opportunity

Groundfish support one of the West Coast’s most important year-round commercial fisheries. Commercial fishermen earn over $366 million annually catching groundfish stocks. The commercial groundfish fishery also benefits coastal economies through processing plants, support service businesses, markets, and restaurants.