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Reducing Bycatch Through Decades of Research and Innovation

NOAA researchers are recognized internationally for their expertise in reducing sea turtle bycatch using real time turtle excluder device testing.
August 24, 2022 - Feature Story ,
Gear team making real time adjustments to a turtle excluder device being tested. Southeast Fisheries Science Center gear team members, Dan Foster (left) and Nick Hopkins, make real time adjustments to the TED they are testing. Credit: NOAA Fisheries

Bycatch Reduction Week

Bycatch—the catch of non-target species—is a complex, global issue that threatens the sustainability of our fishing communities, economies, and ocean ecosystems. Learn how we work to develop, test, and adopt gears that reduce bycatch in U.S. fisheries.
Red snapper with a monitor device to track post-release health and behavior Red snapper with a monitor device to track post-release health and behavior. Credit: NOAA Fisheries

Exploring Solutions for Sea Turtle Bycatch

This Sea Turtle Week, we talk with Barbara Schroeder, National Sea Turtle Coordinator, about bycatch innovations that are helping sea turtles thrive and how we work with fishermen to reduce bycatch.
June 16, 2022 - Podcast ,
Galv_loggerhead_turtle_t._moore_noaa_via_wikimedia_750_500.png Loggerhead turtle. Credit: T. Moore (CC0 1.0)

New Rule Focuses on Improving Survival of Hooked Oceanic Whitetip Sharks

NOAA is prohibiting wire leaders in the Hawaiʻi deep-set longline fishery. The measure is estimated to increase the survival of threatened oceanic whitetips by more than 30 percent.
April 28, 2022 - Feature Story ,
Oceanic whitetip shark swimming in deep ocean waters. The oceanic whitetip shark’s scientific name—Carcharhinus longimanus—comes from its long, rounded pectoral fin (Longimanus translates to “long hands”). Credit: Andy Mann

Approval of Selective Gear for Small-mesh Fisheries: The Large-mesh Belly Panel

We approved a new selective trawl gear, the large-mesh belly panel, for use in small-mesh fisheries when the fisheries accountability measure for Georges Bank yellowtail flounder is triggered.  Use of the large-mesh belly panel reduces bycatch of groundfish species of concern, such as yellowtail flounder. 
March 05, 2020 -
Large mesh belly panel mesh.jpeg

Illuminated Nets Could Provide A Brighter Future For Sea Turtles

Illuminated gillnets are helping reduce bycatch of protected species like sea turtles.
June 07, 2019 - Feature Story ,
5. LED lights in nets edit.jpg

NOAA and Partners Are Helping Restore Tuna and Swordfish in the Gulf after Deepwater Horizon

Small group of pelagic longline fishing vessel owners will take a six-month voluntary repose, can continue to fish with alternative gear, improving populations and supporting supply chains.
January 08, 2018 - Feature Story ,
deepwater_horizon_oceanic_fish_lures_greenstick_gear.JPG Examples of lures used with greenstick gear, an alternative gear option for project participants.

Lights, Camera, Bycatch – LEDs Light the Way for Chinook Salmon

The development of efficient, cost-effective light-emitting diode (LED) technology has led to a growing list of innovative residential and industrial applications.