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Innovation to Learn More About Alaska's Deep-Sea Corals and the Species that Live There Post #8

Innovation to Learn About Deep-Sea Coral Communities in the Gulf of Alaska

Some of our observations during this survey of deep sea coral ecosystems in the Gulf of Alaska
July 29, 2022 - Survey ,
A soft fan shaped coral sits surrounded by the rocky structures that have built upon each other for years as part of this unique ecosystem. Credit: NMFS/NOAA. Color correction applied by NOAA Fisheries

2022 Gulf of Alaska Coral Settlement Plate Recovery and Deployment

In June 2022 we will surveying from Elfin Cove, Alaska on the Alaska Department of Fish and Game research vessel R/V Solstice. Researchers will proceed to Fairweather Ground to retrieve 4 ARMS plates placed in 2013 and deploy 5 new ARMS.
May 16, 2022 -

2022 Validation of Coral & Sponge Distribution Modeling in the Gulf of Alaska

The primary objective of this research expedition is to validate coral and sponge predictive models for the Gulf of Alaska with visual observations
May 10, 2022 -

Central Gulf of Alaska Marine Heatwave Watch

The sea surface temperatures in the Central GOA have remained above the long-term (1982-2012) mean since August 18. However sea surface temperatures have not approached the 90th percentile between then and September 6.
September 08, 2021 - Feature Story ,
photo of a trawler in the Gulf of Alaska

Current Sea Surface Temperatures in the Eastern Bering Sea, Gulf Alaska, and Aleutian Islands - Shiny App

Follow sea surface temperature updates daily via our new Shiny app.
May 27, 2021 - Assessments ,

Gulf Of Alaska Climate Integrated Modeling Socioeconomics—From Climate To Communities

Economists and social scientists are examining fleet dynamics, community impacts, and adaptation potential in Gulf of Alaska fishing communities associated with Climate Change.
Photo of a boat filled marina in Kodiak, Alaska. A Kodiak, Alaska marina. Photo: NOAA Fisheries.

2019 North Pacific Groundfish Stock Assessments

2019 North Pacific Groundfish Stock Assessment and Fishery Evaluation Reports for 2020 Fisheries.

Alaska NOAA Employees Go Big to Thank Community for Support During Shutdown

Employees of NOAA Fisheries Alaska Regional Office display a big message in the windows of the Juneau Federal Building to thank the community of Juneau for kindness and support during the recent government shutdown.
February 08, 2019 - News ,