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Submit a Quote: Gulf Pelagic Longliners Can Help Restore Fish Impacted by Deepwater Horizon

Restoration project offers pelagic longline vessel owners incentives to…
September 26, 2019 - Feature Story ,
Oceanic Fish Restoration -Louisiana TUNA - 1408x938 150 dpi NFWF c Jay Fleming.jpg

Request for Exempted Fishing Permit for Golden Crab Research in the Gulf of Mexico

Application for an exempted fishing permit (EFP) received by NOAA…
October 17, 2018 -

Golden Crab Trap Testing in the Gulf of Mexico Exempted Fishing Permit

The exempted fishing permit (EFP) would exempt the applicants from the prohibition on the use or possession of a fish trap in Federal waters of the Gulf of Mexico (Gulf) to allow the testing of various golden crab trap designs and fishing configurations…

State Recreational Red Snapper Management Exempted Fishing Permits

Five exempted fishing permits (EFPs) were issued to allow limited state management of recreational red snapper. The EFPs were issued to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources,…