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End Date for 2022 Post-Season Quota Trading Period in the Pacific Coast Groundfish Trawl Individual Fishing Quota Program

For information, contact Fisheries Permit Office: (206) 526-4353, or Monica Falcon at
September 15, 2022 -

North Pacific Fishery Management Council Requests for Emergency Actions

Information about the Council's recommendations to NOAA Fisheries for emergency or expedited changes to Federal fishing regulations. Council documents including the Council motions and public comments considered are available on the Council's website.

West Coast Groundfish: Year-end Information

For more information, contact Kathryn Frens, NOAA Fisheries Permit Office, at (301) 427-8523
December 21, 2021 -

Regulatory Impact Review for a Temporary Rule to Allow Flexibility for Halibut and Sablefish Individual Fishing Quota (IFQ) Transfers in 2020

Analysis of an emergency rule to modify the halibut and sablefish Individual Fishing Quota (IFQ) Program to allow quota share (QS) holders to temporarily transfer their IFQ to an eligible individual for harvest.
August 11, 2020 - Analyses (non-NEPA) ,

Regulatory Impact Review for a Final Rule to Remove Vessel Cap Limitations for IFQ Halibut Harvested in IPHC Regulatory Areas 4B, 4C, and 4D for the Remainder of the 2020 IFQ Fishing Season

Analysis of the costs and benefits of a final rule to modify the halibut Individual Fishing Quota (IFQ) Program to remove vessel cap limitations for IFQ halibut harvested in IPHC regulatory Areas 4B, 4C, and 4D.
June 15, 2020 - Analyses (non-NEPA) ,

Regulatory Impact Review for a Regulatory Amendment to the Federal Regulations Implementing the Pacific Halibut Fisheries Off Alaska Community Quota Entity Individual Fishing Quota Fish Up in Area 3A

Analysis of management measures to allow eligible Community Quota Entity (CQE) community residents in Area 3A to fish halibut IFQ derived from CQE-held D class quota share on C or D class vessels in Area 3A.
June 01, 2020 - Analyses (non-NEPA) ,

Correction to Pacific Coast Groundfish Fishery; 2019-2020 Biennial Specifications and Management Measures; Inseason Adjustments

NMFS published a final rule on January 3, 2020, that made routine inseason adjustments to management measures in commercial groundfish fisheries. This action corrects publication errors in the trip limit tables for non-individual fishing quota (IFQ)…

A Review of Community Support Measures Included in Alaskan Fisheries and a Roadmap for Their Use in Sustaining and Rebuilding Small Fishing Communities

How the fisheries management programs in Alaska fisheries have affected coastal communities.
December 01, 2019 - Technical Memo ,

Regulatory Impact Review/Initial Regulatory Flexibility Analysis/Environmental Assessment for a Regulatory Amendment to Allow a Recreational Quota Entity to Hold Commercial Halibut Quota Share for Use by Halibut Charter Anglers

Examination of proposed changes to the management of the Pacific halibut charter fisheries and commercial halibut setline fisheries in International Pacific Halibut Commission regulatory Areas 2C and 3A in the Gulf of Alaska.
August 10, 2018 - NEPA ,

Draft Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act Considerations for a Final Rule to Prohibit the Use of Hired Masters for Sablefish Catcher Vessel Quota Shares Received by Transfer After February 12, 2010

Prohibition of initial quota share recipients from using a hired master to harvest individual fishing quota derived from catcher vessel quota share received by transfer after February 12, 2010.
April 01, 2018 - Analyses (non-NEPA) ,