NOAA VetCorps: Creating Jobs for Veterans

Supporting veterans is imperative to our agency. NOAA VetCorps gives veterans the training and tools to pursue careers in habitat conservation and restoration.

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Photos of three people appear side by side - a woman holding a bright red-orange fish, a man with glasses, and a man on a boat. The header of the photo reads "Citizen Science Spotlight." Photos courtesy of Marcy Dorflinger (left), Steve Leong (center), and Mark Sampson (right).
A small dead whale lays on its side on the water's edge at a beach. Gervais’ beaked whale on the beach at Emerald Isle in North Carolina. Credit: NOAA Fisheries
Two people hold either end of a net in a clear rocky stream Fisheries surveys in the Mid-Klamath watershed help to answer questions around fish movement and habitat use to inform restoration efforts. Credit: Mid Klamath Watershed Council.
Whale swimming in the ocean. A previously unidentified eastern North Pacific right whale spotted in September 2023. Credit: NOAA Fisheries and International Whaling Commission/ Bernardo Alps, WildSea Inc.