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2023 Harvest Specifications for Pacific Whiting and 2023 Tribal Allocation


Fishing Type
Affected Species
Action Status
Final Rule
Point of Contact
Colin Sayre, phone: 206-526-4656, and email: Colin.Sayre@noaa.gov


NOAA Fisheries is announcing a final rule for the 2023 Pacific whiting fishery. This final rule will implement the recommendation of the Pacific Hake/Whiting Treaty Joint Management Committee (JMC) on a U.S. total allowable catch (TAC) of 461,750 mt. This TAC includes the tribal Pacific whiting allocation; a set-aside for incidental catch and research; allocations for the non-tribal Pacific whiting fishery, and harvest guideline split among the shoreside, catcher-processor, and mothership sectors.

Tribal Allocation

80,806 mt

Research and Bycatch set-aside

750 mt

Harvest Guideline:

380,194 mt

The Makah Tribe is the only tribe that has expressed interest in participating in the 2023 fishery. The Quileute Indian Tribe, Quinault Indian Nation, and Hoh Indian Tribe, while reserving the right to fish Pacific whiting, do not have plans to enter into or participate in the 2023 Pacific whiting fishery. The research set-aside is consistent with the Pacific Fishery Management Council recommendations made during their November 2022 meeting.

The Harvest Guideline is allocated among the non-tribal sectors as follows:


2023 Pacific whiting allocation (mt)

Catcher/Processor (C/P) Coop Program

129,266 (34%)

Mothership (MS) Coop Program

91,247 (24%)

Shorebased IFQ Program

159,681 (42%)

Background information can be found on the Pacific Hake/Whiting Treaty page.


Reapportionment of Tribal Pacific Whiting Allocation for 2023

Reapportioning of 45,000 mt of Pacific whiting from the tribal allocation to the non-tribal commercial Pacific whiting fishery, effective September 28, 2023
January 09, 2024 -

Proposed Rule 2023 Harvest Specifications for Pacific Whiting and 2023 Pacific Whiting Tribal Allocation

For more information, contact Colin Sayre, (206) 526-4656 or colin.sayre@noaa.gov
April 04, 2023 -

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