Fisheries Ecology Division, Southwest Fisheries Science Center

Fisheries Ecology Division, Southwest Fisheries Science Center

110 McAllister Way
Santa Cruz CA 95060
Phone: (831) 420-3900
Fax: (831) 420-3977

Key Contacts

Steve Lindley, Ph.D.

Fisheries Ecology Division Director
Office: (831) 420-3921

Kate Achilles, Ph.D.

Fisheries Ecology Division Deputy Director
Office: (831) 420-3911

Eric Danner, Ph.D.

Program Lead, Biophysical Ecology
Office: (831) 420-3917

E.J. Dick, Ph.D.

Program Lead, Habitat and Groundfish Ecology
Office: (831) 420-3947

John Field, Ph.D.

Program Lead, Fisheries and Ecosystem Oceanography
Office: (831) 420-3907

John Carlos Garza, Ph.D.

Program Lead, Molecular Ecology and Genetic Analysis
Office: (831) 420-3903

Rachel Johnson, Ph.D.

Program Lead, Salmon Life History
Office: (831) 239-8782

Nate Mantua, Ph.D.

Program Lead, Landscape and Seascape Ecology
Office: (831) 420-3923

Steve Munch, Ph.D.

Program Lead, Ecosystem Forecasting
Office: (831) 420-3909

Mike O'Farrell, Ph.D.

Program Lead, Fisheries Assessment Modeling
Office: (831) 420-3976

Cameron Speir, Ph.D.

Program Lead, Fisheries Economics
Office: (831) 420-3910