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Phillip A. Morin, Ph.D.

Research Molecular Geneticist
Marine Mammal and Turtle Division
Population and evolutionary genetics and genomics
Office: (858) 546-7165

Phillip A. Morin, Ph.D.

Research Molecular Geneticist

Phillip Morin is a population genetics and genomics researcher in the Marine Mammal Genetics Group. Since joining the group in 2003, his research has focused on applying genetic and genomics tools to infer taxonomy, phylogeography, population structure, and historical changes in population size of cetaceans. This research supports the conservation and management of cetaceans under the US Endangered Species Act and Marine Mammal Protection Act. Phillip is also the coordinator of the Cetacean Genomes Project—an international collaboration to sequence reference genomes for all cetacean species—and a former Adjunct Professor (2008-2017) at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego.


 Selected publications

  • Morin, P. A., F. I. Archer, C. D. Avila, et al. 2020. Reference genome and demographic history of the most endangered marine mammal, the vaquita. Molecular Ecology Resources in press.
  • Morin, P. A., A. Alexander, M. Blaxter, et al. 2020. Building genomic infrastructure: Sequencing platinum-standard reference-quality genomes of all cetacean species. Marine Mammal Science Early View (online).
  • Ben Chehida, Y., J. Thumloup, C. Schumacher, et al. 2020. Evolutionary history of the porpoise family (Phocoenidae) across the speciation continuum: a mitogenome phylogeographic perspective. Scientific Reports 10:15190.
  • Van Cise, A. M., R. W. Baird, C. S. Baker, et al. 2019. Oceanographic barriers, divergence, and admixture: Phylogeography and taxonomy of two putative subspecies of short-finned pilot whale. Molecular Ecology 28:2886-2902.
  • Foote, A. D., M. D. Martin, M. Louis, et al. 2019. Killer whale genomes reveal a complex history of recurrent admixture and vicariance. Molecular Ecology 28:3427-3444.
  • Archer, F. I., R. L. Brownell Jr., B. Hancock-Hanser, et al. 2019. Subspecies of fin whales (Balaenoptera physalus Linnaeus, 1758): Taxonomic implications of genetics. Journal of Mammalogy 100:1653-1670.
  • Morin, P. A., A. D. Foote, C. M. Hill, B. Simon-Bouhet, A. R. Lang and M. Louise. 2018. SNP discovery from single and multiplex genome assemblies of non-model organisms. Pages 113-144 in S. R. Head, P. Ordoukhanian and D. Salomon eds. Next-Generation Sequencing. Methods in Molecular Biology. Humana Press.
  • Morin, P. A., A. D. Foote, C. S. Baker, et al. 2018. Demography or selection on linked cultural traits or genes? Investigating the driver of low mtDNA diversity in the sperm whale using complementary mitochondrial and nuclear genome analyses. Molecular Ecology 27:2604-2619.
  • Morin, P. A., C. S. Baker, R. S. Brewer, et al. 2017. Genetic structure of the beaked whale genus Berardius in the North Pacific, with genetic evidence for a new species. Marine Mammal Science 33:96-111.
  • Leslie, M. S. and P. A. Morin. 2016. Using genome-wide snps to detect structure in high-diversity and low-divergence populations of severely impacted eastern tropical Pacific spinner (Stenella longirostris) and pantropical spotted dolphins (S. attenuata). Frontiers in Marine Science 3:253.
  • Morin, P. A., K. M. Parsons, F. I. Archer, et al. 2015. Geographic and temporal dynamics of a global radiation and diversification in the killer whale. Molecular Ecology 24:3964-3979.