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Marine Safety Instructor Training Supports Observer Safety

March 20, 2019

Observer safety workshops ensure high training standards across all regional observer safety programs.


The National Observer Program is dedicated to keeping observers and at-sea monitors as safe as possible in unpredictable circumstances while deployed in the field. In support of this important effort, Fathom Resources LLC will be teaching the Marine Safety Instructor Training and refresher courses to the observer safety trainers.

Observer safety trainers from all regional observer programs come together at the sessions to discuss best practices for safety techniques; review handling procedures for important safety equipment (e.g., life rafts, emergency position indicating radio beacons, and immersion suits); and share impactful teaching approaches. A central goal of these workshops is to ensure consistently high training standards across all regional observer safety programs throughout the country. Courses are scheduled annually in a variety of locations to promote wide participation by marine safety instructors from the regional and national observer programs.

Topics typically covered during the workshops include:

  • Emergency procedures.
  • Risk assessment.
  • How to conduct effective drills.
  • Navigation regulations.
  • Cold-water survival skills.
  • Firefighting.
  • Life rafts.
  • Abandon-ship procedures.
  • Helicopter rescue.
  • Personal flotation devices.
  • Flooding control.
  • Cross-cultural communication.

Additional information about observer safety, training sessions, and occupational challenges are available here.

Last updated by Office of Science and Technology on March 20, 2019