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NOAA Fisheries Releases New Strategic Plan

July 25, 2019

New strategic plan sets out goals and key strategies for 2019-2022.


NOAA Fisheries has released a strategic plan for 2019-2022 that sets out goals and key strategies focused on addressing our highest priorities to amplify the economic value of fisheries and recover and conserve protected marine species.

The plan’s three strategic goals reflect the vision of the Department of Commerce and NOAA to help the American economy grow and a practical approach to managing our fisheries and marine resources:

  • Amplify the economic value of commercial and recreational fisheries while ensuring their sustainability.
  • Conserve and recover protected species while supporting responsible fishing and resource development.
  • Improve organizational excellence and regulatory efficiency.

Among our high-priority areas of focus highlighted in this plan are to maximize the economic yield of U.S. fisheries, reduce bycatch and entanglement, foster U.S. marine aquaculture, and focus species recovery on the most at-risk ESA-listed species.

To help the agency achieve the three strategic goals and act effectively in its priorities, the plan identifies some of the key challenges in today’s strategic landscape, which NOAA Fisheries will address by investing in the people, programs, and technology platforms that most advance our highest priorities. The plan also reflects our continued commitment to improving our operations and streamlining our regulatory processes to execute our stewardship mission efficiently.

The plan acknowledges that we must be willing to move in new directions, while choosing what must be phased out, to achieve these strategic goals. We will continue to address our high-priority activities, while minimizing or eliminating efforts on low-priority activities, to provide the best value to the American public.

Read the 2019-2022 Strategic Plan document 

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