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Seafood Lovers Showed Us Their Seafood

October 28, 2020

U.S. farmed and wild seafood is a smart choice for healthy people, a healthy economy, and a healthy planet.

Photo of Jonah crab on toast Jonah crab on toast. Credit: NOAA Fisheries/Heather Soulen.

Seafood lovers took to social media this Seafood Month to share their favorite dishes using #ShowUsYourSeafood. Posts came from across the country and featured both farmed and wild-caught fish and shellfish. Some shared mouth-watering photos of familiar products like lobster and fish cakes. Others talked about lesser known dishes—try the whole grilled scup recipe for yourself—and regional favorites like Hawaiian poke. 

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out these highlights and join the discussion yourself on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Twitter post with photos of oysters and bluefish

Bluefish has a rich flavor and is best served within a day of purchase. Farmed oysters are available year-round and range in flavor from sweet to briny. 


Instagram post from Connecticut Sea Grant sharing fish taco recipe

Stovetop clambake, dried kelp with apple bites, and striped bass with cashew soy butter—find restaurant-quality recipes to make at home at Recipes of the Sea from Connecticut Sea Grant.


Facebook post from the Pacific Island region with information about a wahoo poke recipe

Seafood Stories of the Pacific is an interactive story map that paints a picture of the collective commitment to sustainable fishing—and eating—in the Pacific Islands region


Twitter post with photo of a lobster salad

Throughout New England, where most American lobsters are landed, the peak harvest season extends from May to November. Visit Seafood Nutrition Partnership for lobster and other seafood recipes.


Instagram post with a video showing how to make steamed mussels

This video from a team member in our Office of Aquaculture shows just how easy it is to prepare delicious steamed mussels. 


Facebook post from the Teacher and Sea program with a photo of a black sea bass dish

Black sea bass has a mild, fresh, and somewhat delicate flavor. It can be paired with a range of foods to add a boost of low-fat protein and magnesium to a meal.


Twitter post from North Carolina Sea Grant with an image of a baked grouper dish

The Mariner’s Menu from North Carolina Sea Grant has more than 160 original tested recipes, along with helpful hints for handling, storing, cooking, and serving seafood.


Twitter post from the Northeast Fisheries Science Center with a photo of grilled scup

Scup is harvested by U.S. fishermen from Massachusetts to North Carolina. It’s lean and has a mild flavor. It’s one of eight delicious fish you may not have tried—yet! 

NOAA Fisheries arms you with the facts about what makes U.S. seafood sustainable—from the ocean or farm to your plate. Get up-to-date information on the status of harvested marine fish and farmed fish, and learn more about U.S. seafood.

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Eat Seafood, America!