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Partnering in Paradise with The Nature Conservancy

Restoration partnerships with Hawaiʻi’s coastal communities.
July 23, 2018 - Feature Story ,

Streamlining the Permitting Process in the Pacific Islands Region

Value stream mapping for Pacific Islands Regional Office permits database improvements
July 17, 2018 - Feature Story ,

Shallow Coral Reefs — Essential Fish Habitat of the Pacific Islands

They buffer our shores from powerful waves, storms, and floods. They provide homes and shelter to numerous species of fish — including many that are an important part of subsistence, commercial, and recreational fishing — and supply surfers, boaters, snorkelers, divers, and fishers with bountiful leisure. And...
July 13, 2018 - Feature Story ,
A Bluefin trevally swims past table coral colonies at Johnston Atoll in the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument.

Supporting Continued Coral Reef and Watershed Management in West Hawai‘i

In July 2017, NOAA awarded $250,000 in funding to The Nature Conservancy (TNC), Hawai‘i to continue activities and efforts to manage coral reefs and watersheds in West Hawai‘i. This award builds upon the partnership between NOAA and TNC established in 2014 as part of the West Hawai‘i Habitat Focus Area,...
July 13, 2018 - Feature Story ,
Underwater photo of West Hawai'i's vibrant coral reef ecosystem. 

Survey to Track Whales and Dolphins in the Mariana Archipelago

There is more than one way to find a whale. From the deck of a boat, you might spot them surfacing for air, exhaling from their blowholes, or perhaps performing a fluke-up dive as they return to the deep. But what about all of the whales that pass by without surfacing? Or the ones that are too hard to...
July 03, 2018 - Feature Story ,
Scientists Adam Ü and Allan Ligon on a small boat near Farallon de Medinilla.

Honu Count 2018: Help Us Find Numbered Sea Turtles in Hawaii

Citizen scientists of Hawaii, we need your help counting turtles—and here’s why!
June 27, 2018 - Feature Story ,
Lindsey Bull and Marylou Staman measure the length of a female green sea turtle

Disease Causes Three Hawaiian Monk Seal Deaths

Toxoplasmosis is the leading disease-causing mortality for Hawaiian monk seals.
June 21, 2018 - Feature Story ,

How an Odd, Cannibalistic Fish Is Helping Us Understand the Mysteries of the Deep

Scientists are using lancetfish stomachs to learn more about the middle of the marine food web, as well as marine debris.
June 18, 2018 - Feature Story ,
A long lancetfish with a large sail swims vertically up in the deep blue sea.

Working Together to Understand Social and Ecological Connections in West Hawai‘i

The Hawaiian Islands are surrounded by a complex and dynamic marine ecosystem—home to creatures like corals, reef fish, manta rays, and turtles. An environmental backbone to the economy and well-being of its communities, the marine environment and Hawaiian society are linked in various ways. In West...
June 13, 2018 - Feature Story ,
Limpets, or ‘opihi, a local delicacy along the coast.

From the Deep to the Reef

Research expedition examines biology of deepwater and coral reef fishes in Mariana Archipelago.
June 12, 2018 - Feature Story ,
Researchers use small boats to collect fish samples for life-history studies (Photo: NOAA Fisheries/James Morioka).