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New Research Predicts Effects of Marine Heatwaves on Top Ocean Predators

Real-time shifts in marine ecosystems and species demand “climate-ready” fisheries. This new research will inform fisheries management.
September 05, 2023 - Feature Story ,
Two blue whales swim near the surface of the ocean. Two tagged blue whales swim in Monterey Bay in 2016. NOAA Fisheries permit 16111. Credit: Elliott Hazen/NOAA Fisheries

Mako Shark Tracking off West Coast Reveals “Impressive” Memory and Navigation

These top predators travel far across the Pacific, returning to the same areas in the Southern California Bight each year.
August 28, 2019 - Feature Story ,
NOAA Fisheries SWFSC Walter Heim_MG_8978_PE.jpg

A Mako's Last Meal Part II: The Shark Bite Effect

Celebrate Shark Week!
June 27, 2016 - Feature Story ,