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NOAA Fisheries to Delay New Aerial Survey for Cook Inlet Beluga Whales Until June 2025

Scientific team will continue conducting its photo-identification project this year using an uncrewed aerial system to estimate abundance and trends for this endangered whale population.
June 14, 2024 - Feature Story ,
Aerial view of an adult whale next to a juvenile swimming in dark water A Cook Inlet beluga adult (white) and juvenile (gray) swim in silty water. Credit: Hollis Europe & Jacob Barbaro/NOAA Fisheries. NOAA permit #20465.

NOAA Fisheries Wins 2023 Presidential Migratory Bird Federal Stewardship Award

The Council for the Conservation of Migratory Birds has recognized an important NOAA Fisheries partnership to conserve seabirds.
June 13, 2024 - Feature Story ,
A large gray bird flies over the ocean. Black-footed albatross. Credit: Robert Pitman

5-Year Review Finds Yelloweye Rockfish and Bocaccio Need Continued Protection, Outlines Recovery Actions

No change warranted in Endangered Species Act status of two rockfish species in Puget Sound/Georgia Basin.
June 07, 2024 - Feature Story ,
Juvenile Yelloweye Rockfish swimming under water Juvenile Yelloweye Rockfish. Credit: Dave Whitmer

McKenzie River Restoration Benefiting Threatened Upper Willamette River Chinook

Salmon have successfully reproduced at the Finn Rock restoration site in Oregon’s McKenzie River watershed. Another project aims to bring salmon back to lower Quartz Creek.
June 03, 2024 - Feature Story ,
Chinook salmon returning to spawn at Finn Rock Reach.  (Photo: Tim Giraudier/Beautiful Oregon) Chinook salmon returning to spawn at Finn Rock Reach. (Photo: Tim Giraudier/Beautiful Oregon)

Compiling the First-Ever Color Portrait of Narraguagus River Thermal Habitats

Celebrating World Fish Migration Day, we check in with Valerie Ouellet, intrepid researcher studying this key habitat for endangered Atlantic salmon.
May 24, 2024 - Feature Story ,
Brook trout smolt in aquarium. A brook trout fry captured by Ouellet during a study investigating cold-water fish habitat productivity. Credit: NOAA Fisheries/Benjamin Tumolo

NOAA Fisheries Partners with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation in Support of North Atlantic Right Whales

$6 million in Inflation Reduction Act funding will be available through the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation for vessel strike prevention technology.
May 22, 2024 - Feature Story ,
Aerial image of a right whale as it swims along. The top of its back and head are visble above the surface. A single North Atlantic right swims in the Atlantic Ocean. NOAA Fisheries/Peter Duley

Studying Sound in the Ocean to Prepare for Offshore Wind Development

NOAA Fisheries scientists talk about passive acoustic monitoring and where it fits into the country's renewable energy strategy.
May 09, 2024 - Podcast ,
Overcast day with mostly gray and silver tones. In the background at left, a line of 8 offshore windmills tower over the horizon. In the foreground, a small boat open-decked boat with a flat roof is silhouetted against a shining sea A small fishing vessel near wind turbines. Credit: Bob Brewer on Unsplash

Recommended 2024 Species Recovery Grants Projects

NOAA Fisheries has recommended roughly $5.5 million in funding for six new projects and 16 ongoing projects.
An adult orca is swimming underwater, and a calf is next to its dorsal fin. The calf is surfacing from the water. Southern Resident killer whale swimming with calf. Credit: NOAA Fisheries