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60 Species of Fish to Celebrate 60 Years of the Bottom Trawl Survey

Field Fresh Blog: Science in Motion

National Systematics Lab research zoologist Katherine Bemis shares her team’s work and 60 of their favorite marine species in celebration of the Bottom Trawl Survey’s 60th anniversary.
November 29, 2023 - Survey ,
Two scientists stand in a lab taking photos of fish in a tank. There is a camera and lighting system set up. One scientist is adjusting the lighting on one side of the lab while the other scientist is on the other side of the lab in front of a laptop. Both scientists are looking at the laptop screen. National Systematics Lab team photographing fish during the fall Bottom Trawl Survey. Fish are placed in a phototank and images are taken using a camera controlled from a laptop. Credit: NOAA Fisheries/Sabrina Dahl

Kicking Off The 60th Year Of The Fall Bottom Trawl Survey

Field Fresh Blog: Science in Motion

Our scientists calibrate and test systems during a 2-day cruise ahead of the fall Bottom Trawl Survey.
November 08, 2023 - Survey ,
The back deck of a ship sailing on blue water with the wake in the background on a cloudy day. A suspension bridge is visible in the distance. Setting sail out of Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island, to the first station of the 2023 Fall Bottom Trawl Survey. Credit: NOAA Fisheries/Dom St. Amand

In Search of Atlantic Northern Shrimp

Field Fresh Blog: Science in Motion

Biological science technician Zach Fyke takes us on a journey to the Gulf of Maine where scientists continue their search for a locally iconic and celebrated crustacean.
September 28, 2023 - Survey ,
Seven scientists stand in front of a research vessel’s wheelhouse near the bow while at sea. Some are wearing orange foul weather pants, baseball hats, t-shirts, and sunglasses. The sea is calm and there is a light layer of fog in the background hovering above the water. The sky is blue and there are a few white, wispy clouds.

Atlantic Deep-Sea Red Crab: An Observer's Perspective

Field Fresh Blog: Science in Motion

Robert Bland has 19 years of experience as a fisheries observer. His new blog shares what it’s like fishing for Atlantic deep-sea red crab—a unique insight to a fishery many don't know about.
July 12, 2023 - Survey ,
A commercial fishing vessel is at sea. The back deck is loaded with several dozen squat round traps made of orange netting. In the foreground are metal fish sorting bins, orange mesh bait bags, and blue plastic fish totes. Along the left side of the vessel are coils of rope in a gear deployment contraption. There is a slight chop to the water and the sky is blue and cloudless. An Atlantic deep-sea red crab fishing vessel at sea. Credit: NOAA Fisheries/Robert Bland

Ecosystem Monitoring Cruise Launches Drifter Buoys and Makes a Unique Discovery

Field Fresh Blog: Science in Motion

The cruise heads into the Gulf of Maine on track to complete all of its sampling stations.
June 30, 2023 - Survey ,
On the left, the deck of the NOAA Ship Henry B. Bigelow with electrical wiring and part of a conductivity temperature and depth rosette water sampler visible, including three gray cylindrical bottles for sampling seawater. On the right, the calm flat and blue ocean over the deck of the ship with an orangish pink sunset on the horizon. 2023 Ecosystem monitoring cruise. Credit: NOAA Fisheries/Jerry Prezioso

2023 Ecosystems Monitoring Cruise Underway—and Busy

Field Fresh Blog: Science in Motion

Old hands, students, and scientists forge south toward Cape Hatteras.
June 23, 2023 - Survey ,
 A female scientist sits in front of a computer with a male scientist standing to the left of her and a female scientist standing to the right. The standing female scientist points to something on the computer screen.

Whale Tails, Wrymouths, and Other Bottom Longline Survey Surprises

Field Fresh Blog: Science in Motion

Field biologist Emma Fowler shares more sights and scenes, unusual finds, and other fun surprises from the 2023 spring Gulf of Maine Bottom Longline Survey.
June 21, 2023 - Survey ,
A whale tail drips with water above the ocean surface as the whale dove below the surface. The water is calm and the sky is slightly overcast. A humpback whale dives below the ocean surface at Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary. Credit: NOAA Fisheries/Emma Fowler

Bottom Longline Survey Gets Seal of Approval

Field Fresh Blog: Science in Motion

Field biologist Emma Fowler shares some of the marvelous sights and scenes, unusual finds, and bucket list achievements from the spring Gulf of Maine Bottom Longline Survey.
June 05, 2023 - Survey ,
A seal peers above the ocean surface in profile. There are a few small swells to the water. A gray seal sneaks a peek. Credit NOAA Fisheries/Emma Fowler