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Gulf of Maine Yields Brilliant and Iridescent Finds

Field Fresh Blog: Science in Motion

Always something to catch the eye, continuing the journey.
December 02, 2021 - Survey ,
Small dark fish with large eye, held on its side in one hand

What Makes a Bird a Seabird?

Field Fresh Blog: Science in Motion

To join the seabirds, a species needs more than a liking for the beach.
September 22, 2021 - Survey ,
In the foreground, there’s a dark bird with bright patches of color its shoulders perched on a light colored vent funnel. It is a sunny day and the ocean is in the background.

Revisiting the Scallop Survey

Field Fresh Blog: Science in Motion

It’s been about 6 years since I’ve been out on the scallop survey in late…
August 31, 2021 - Survey ,
Color image taken with the camera lens pointed at the neutral colored, sandy ocean bottom. At left, a light-colored translucent, many tentacled anemone, and at right, a long eel-like silvery fish with dark stripes running vertically down its side. A few shells and very small sea stars are also lying on the bottom.

AMAPPS Leg 2 Begins: An Exceptional Week for Seabirds and Marine Mammal Sightings

Field Fresh Blog: Science in Motion

We began the month-long Leg 2 of the 2021 AMAPPS abundance survey July 27…
August 23, 2021 - Survey ,
Two researchers on the deck of a research ship at sea wearing summer clothing, hard hats, and cloth masks to protect against COVID-19 transmission. They are easing an underwater sound recorder attached to a cable over the side and into the water. It is daylight and the weather is calm.

An Abundance of Dolphins and a Rare Bird

Field Fresh Blog: Science in Motion

This week (June 22–29, 2021) we covered a variety of habitats—from…
July 09, 2021 - Survey ,
A small gray-colored dolphin with a lighter-colored belly in mid-leap pit of the water. Clymene dolphin photographed from the NOAA Ship Henry B. Bigelow on June 25, 2021. Credit: NOAA Fisheries/Felipe Triana.

2021 Marine Protected Species Abundance Survey Underway

Field Fresh Blog: Science in Motion

Atlantic Marine Assessment Program for Protected Species 2021 Cruise
July 07, 2021 - Survey ,
Aerial view of two crew members wearing hard hats at the rail on the main desk of the research vessel. They stand ready to snag a piece of water sampling equipment as it is raised from the water by a winch, using gaffs designed for this purpose.

Sampling the Tiniest Life in the Sea

Field Fresh Blog: Science in Motion

Spring 2021 Ecomon Survey update.
May 28, 2021 - Survey ,