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Groundfish Exclusion Areas

Groundfish Exclusion Areas (GEAs) are eight areas south of Point Conception, California intended to protect sensitive areas. These areas were reviewed and adopted by the Pacific Fishery Management Council in March 2023 under Alternative 3.

Map of Groundfish Exclusion Areas, California

Text descriptions can be viewed in the electronic Code of Federal Regulations (eCFR) or the Fishery Management Plan (FMP). Federal Register (FR) document citations for designations are displayed at the end of each eCFR section. Spatial data for Groundfish Exclusion Areas can be downloaded as shapefiles or viewed as a static map.


Regulatory citation

Hidden Reef

eCFR §660.70(t)(1)

West of Santa Barbara Island

eCFR §660.70(t)(2)

Potato Bank

eCFR §660.70(t)(3)

107/118 Bank

eCFR §660.70(t)(4)

Cherry Bank

eCFR §660.70(t)(5)

Seamount 109

eCFR §660.70(t)(6)

43-Fathom Spot

eCFR §660.70(t)(7)

Northeast Bank

eCFR §660.70(t)(8)


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