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Species Ranges - Salmon and Steelhead (West Coast Region)

Maps and GIS data

Salmon and steelhead range data can be downloaded as geodatabases, viewed interactively in the Protected Resources App, or accessed through map services (REST URLs).

These range data represent the locations of Endangered Species Act (ESA) listed entities called steelhead Distinct Population Segments (DPSs) and salmon Evolutionarily Significant Units (ESUs). Ranges are depicted using watershed polygons that circumscribe important spawning, rearing, and migration habitats. If ESA-listed salmon or steelhead are found outside of these boundaries, they are still protected.

Listed entity text descriptions and Federal Register (FR) document citations for listing determinations can be viewed in the electronic Code of Federal Regulations (eCFR) for threatened and endangered species.

Listed Entity Listed Entity Code Map Map Service Download Data (zip) View Data
Salmon, chum (Hood Canal summer-run ESU) CMHCS Not Available REST .gdb 2015 Protected Resources App
Salmon, chum (Columbia River ESU) CMCOL REST
Salmon, coho (Lower Columbia River ESU) COLCR REST
Salmon, coho (Oregon Coast ESU) COORC REST
Salmon, sockeye (Ozette Lake ESU) SOOZT REST
Salmon, sockeye (Snake River ESU) SOSNR REST
Salmon, Chinook (Puget Sound ESU) CKPUG REST
Salmon, Chinook (Upper Columbia River spring-run ESU) CKUCS REST
Salmon, Chinook (Lower Columbia River ESU) CKLCR REST
Salmon, Chinook (Upper Willamette River ESU) CKUWR REST
Salmon, Chinook (Snake River spring/summer-run ESU) CKSRS REST
Salmon, Chinook (Snake River fall-run ESU) CKSRF REST
Steelhead (Puget Sound DPS) STPUG REST
Steelhead (Upper Columbia River DPS) STUCR REST
Steelhead (Middle Columbia River DPS) STMCR REST
Steelhead (Lower Columbia River DPS) STLCR REST
Steelhead (Snake River Basin DPS) STSNR REST
Steelhead (Upper Willamette River DPS) STUWR REST
Salmon, coho (Southern Oregon/Northern California Coast ESU) COSNC PDF Not Available .gdb 2013 Not Available
Salmon, coho (Central California Coast ESU) COCCC PDF
Salmon, Chinook (California Coastal ESU) CKCAC PDF
Salmon, Chinook (Sacramento River winter-run ESU) CKSAC PDF
Salmon, Chinook (Central Valley spring-run ESU) CKCVS PDF
Steelhead (Northern California DPS) STNCA PDF
Steelhead (Central California Coast DPS) STCCC PDF
Steelhead (California Central Valley DPS) STCCV PDF
Steelhead (South-Central California Coast DPS) STSCC PDF
Steelhead (Southern California DPS) STSCA PDF

The 2015 geodatabase was created to standardize geospatial data for salmon and steelhead listed under the Endangered Species Act. The extent is Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, with some data in British Columbia, Canada. This product integrates DPS/ESU boundary data with population boundary data (defined by Technical Recovery Teams). The zip file also contains a schema diagram (PDF), that documents the gdb structure, fields, and values. The main object in the gdb is the "fish" feature class, which can be queried and symbolized on a map. The fish feature class includes overlapping polygons due to the complexity of salmon and steelhead data (overlapping ranges, multiple run times, etc.).

The 2013 geodatabase extent is California and a portion of southern Oregon. This product includes DPS/ESU boundary data, but does not have population boundary data (defined by Technical Recovery Teams). 

Contact: Shanna Dunn

Last updated by West Coast Regional Office on 02/01/2022

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