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2024 Cost Recovery Fee Notice for the Pacific Coast Groundfish Fishery

Fee percentages and Mothership (MS) pricing to be used when paying 2024 cost recovery fees
December 13, 2023 -

Groundfish Electronic Monitoring Program: Changes to Service Provider Requirements

Extended processing and reporting deadlines for West Coast electronic monitoring service providers
November 22, 2023 -

Transitioning the Groundfish Federal Non-Trawl Logbook to Full Electronic Usage

New requirement for Pacific Coast non-trawl groundfish fishery to allow logbook electronic submission
September 09, 2023 -

Pre-season webinar for vessel owner/operators who are using Electronic Monitoring under Exempted Fishing Permits in the West Coast groundfish fishery

For more information, contact Matt Dunlap, Fishery Policy Analyst, NMFS West Coast Regional Office, at (206) 316-7944
April 20, 2023 -

Proposed Rule for 2023-2024 Groundfish Specifications and Management Measures

Open for comment through November 14, 2022
October 18, 2022 -

End Date for 2022 Post-Season Quota Trading Period in the Pacific Coast Groundfish Trawl Individual Fishing Quota Program

For information, contact Fisheries Permit Office: (206) 526-4353, or Monica Falcon at
September 15, 2022 -

Request for Comment on Amendment 30 for Pacific Coast Groundfish

For more information, contact Brian Hooper, Fishery Management Specialist, at (206) 526-6117
September 06, 2022 -

Inseason Adjustments to 2022 Pacific Coast Groundfish Commercial Fisheries

Effective May 9, 2022. For more information, contact Joshua Lindsay at (562) 980-4034.
May 06, 2022 -

West Coast Groundfish: Year-end Information

For more information, contact Kathryn Frens, NOAA Fisheries Permit Office, at (301) 427-8523
December 21, 2021 -

Inseason Adjustments to Pacific Coast Groundfish Commercial Fisheries

For more information, contact Keeley Kent, Groundfish Branch Chief, at (206) 247-8252
October 28, 2021 -