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Annual Study of Salmon in Southeast Alaska - Post 3

July 27, 2020

Scientists in our Auke Bay Laboratories are collaborating with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game to study juvenile salmon in Southeast Alaska coastal waters.

sunset on the ocean with islands in the distance.

July 27, 2020

Today we completed sampling the Stephens Passage stations a second time and the daily catch was within 15% of the first day, which helps confirm that we have a reasonably confident measure of juvenile salmon abundance in Stephens Passage. After completing Stephen passage stations and tending to a few jellyfish stings, we made our run to Icy Strait and anchored up at the Porpoise Islands, enjoying one of SE Alaska’s multi-colored sunsets.


Members of the July, 2020 SECM survey on the backdeck of the R/V Medeia: Andy Gray (NMFS), Luke Erickson (ADF&G) and Jamal Moss (NMFS). Photo: NOAA Fisheries.


Sunset in Stephens Passage while anchored up in Oliver’s Inlet. Photo: NOAA Fisheries.

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