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Annual Study of Salmon in Southeast Alaska - Post 4

July 28, 2020

Scientists in our Auke Bay Laboratories are collaborating with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game to study juvenile salmon in Southeast Alaska coastal waters.

Icy waters in Alaska with mountains in the background

July 28, 2020

After a quick early morning breakfast we began sampling stations in Icy Strait. These are the stations where we tend to catch the most juvenile salmon, and our catches include pink, chum, sockeye, and coho salmon. Juvenile salmon captured during the survey are assigned specimen barcode numbers and frozen for subsequent laboratory analysis to support various research projects by participating scientists. These projects include: genetic stock origin, otolith marks, age, growth, diet, energetic condition, and algal toxins.


Pink salmon. Photo: NOAA Fisheries.


Chum salmon. Photo: NOAA Fisheries.


Sockeye salmon. Photo: NOAA Fisheries.


Coho salmon. Photo: NOAA Fisheries.

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