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Sea Tales: Monitoring Coral Reef Ecosystems Throughout the Hawaiian Archipelago

Follow us during our 2019 field season!
July 05, 2019 - Survey ,
Image of the Oscar Elton Sette at her home port, Ford Island.

2018 North Pacific Groundfish Stock Assessments

2018 North Pacific Groundfish Stock Assessment and Fishery Evaluation Reports for 2019 Fisheries.

Forecasting Pink Salmon Harvest in Southeast Alaska

2019 NOAA Pink Salmon forecast 15–26 million fish.

Jellyfish Research in Alaska

Research on Jellyfish in Alaska water.
Jellyfish researchers in Alaska bringing up a group of Northern sea nettle, Chrysaora melanaster.

Recruitment Energetics and Coastal Assessment

We study the processes regulating recruitment of forage fish and commercially valuable species. This entails measuring fish condition and evaluating habitat quality primarily in nearshore habitats.
 Juvenile Pacific herring.

Alaska Physical and Oceanographic Research

Physical and oceanographic conditions affect where fish and crab species spawn, feed and develop. This information has important implications for future fish and crab population size.
Oceanographic Bongo Nets

Alaska Research on Salmon Ecology and Bycatch

Scientists at our Auke Bay Laboratories conduct research to understand ecological processes that drive salmon populations in the Gulf of Alaska and the Bering Sea. They also monitor and analyze bycatch of salmon in other commercial fisheries for
An Alaska Sockeye Salmon.

Recruitment Energetics and Coastal Assessment Fish Processing and Food Habits Research

Recruitment Energetics and Coastal Assessment scientists provide fish processing services to several Auke Bay Laboratories. The goal is to better understand recruitment mechanisms and processes that describe the growth and survival of these populations
NOAA Scientists at work in the lab.

Alaska Ecosystem Monitoring and Assessment

By understanding the relationship between fish species and their marine environment, we are able to enhance the accuracy of our fish stock estimates.

Northeastern Bering Sea Ecosystem Assessment

The fishery and oceanographic survey in the Northeastern Bering Sea combines surface trawl and midwater acoustics to collect indices on fish size, relative abundance, energetic status, distribution, and diet.
Survey codend being brought to sorting table in Northeastern Bering Sea.