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Help NOAA Help Sturgeon

Reporting encounters with sturgeon provides valuable information.

Two sturgeon in two months found and reported, providing valuable information to scientists

For the second time in as many months a local South Carolina fisherman reported finding an endangered Atlantic sturgeon dead in the middle of Cooper River channel off Charleston. 


Dead Atlantic sturgeon.jpg

Photo credit: Carlo Marino

He was able to help us by collecting photos and GPS coordinates. Getting a chance to see the fish, learn where it was found, and determine its size and body condition provides valuable information to biologists.

Dead Atlantic sturgeon (2).jpg

Sturgeon tail indicates vessel interaction


According to NOAA biologists it's likely the sturgeon was hit by a boat at some point (looking at the condition of the tail), but it's unclear if it was hit before or after it died.  Data the fisherman provided will be put into a newly developed database. 

Data collection can help biologists look at trends over time which in turn can lead to necessary protections for an endangered species like this one. We are anxious to learn more about where sturgeon live, their daily movements, and threats they face.

If you encounter a sturgeon please contact us at 1-844-STURG 911 (1-844-788-7491)  or via email NOAA.Sturg911@noaa.gov.

Photos are very helpful. Also, if you can report where you saw the fish, how big it was and what condition it was in—this is all helpful information.  

Help and information from citizen scientists is critical to our success in recovering endangered sturgeon. 

Three species of sturgeon reside In the Southeast U.S. To learn more about each species visit the More Information tabs at the top right of this page.

Last updated by on March 27, 2019