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Southeast Fisheries Permits

The Southeast Regional Office issues federal permits for recreational and commercial fishing in the South Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, and Caribbean Sea.

For your personal protection, as well as our own, the Permits Office no longer uses the customer service window; however, the SERO Bayboro building is open to the general public to allow constituents to drop off permit applications, original permits, or related documents to the Permits mailbox located in the foyer.

NEW January 2022 - Announcing our Southeast Region Online Permit System - Sign Up Today! It takes less than 15 minutes to sign-up, is more accurate than a paper application, safer than sending a check and reduces weeks of back and forth via mail. Most deficiencies take just minutes to fix on-line. Sign up now here! 

IMPORTANT - Starting February 1, 2022 we will no longer accept checks or money orders as a form of payment for processing your application. You will need to submit payment through our on-line system. Also, we will no longer be accepting faxed documents. All supporting documents will need to be submitted on-line with the exception of original permits.  We still require original permits to be mailed into the NOAA Fisheries' Permit Office during a transfer application.
Two months before your permit is set to expire you will receive an email from NOAA Fisheries’ Permit Office. This email will also give you the option of signing up for an on-line account and the link will take you here.

NOTE: For renewals, you may create an online account prior to your permit expiration, but you won’t see your renewal application unless you are within 60 days of the permit expiration date.

For permit renewals, the auto-generated renewal reminder emails will come from 

"NOAA Fisheries - Southeast Region Permit Office" with a subject line that reads 

"NMFS SERO Permit Renewal Reminder.” 

NOAA Fisheries Southeast published a Fishery Bulletin outlining the on-line system.

The Southeast Region online permitting system makes it easy to apply for new open access vessel, dealer and operator permit(s), renew existing permit(s), or transfer limited access vessel permit(s) issued by the Southeast Region Permit Office.  Click here to log in to the system or to set up your online account.

We are available to answer all your questions about federal fishing permits required in the South Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, and the Caribbean Sea. We encourage you to first review the frequently asked questions. If you are unable to find the information you need, please contact us.  

The regulations governing permits in the Caribbean, Gulf, and South Atlantic fisheries are found in 50 CFR part 622. Please refer to this document for individual permit requirements.

The Southeast Fisheries Science Center in Miami, Florida handles commercial reporting requirements and provides several online services in support of this effort. Please make sure your logbooks are up to date prior to submitting your renewal application. You can view your logbook status at the links below or contact the logbook office at (305) 361-4581. 

The Southeast For-Hire Electronic Reporting program, based in the SERO office in St. Petersburg, Florida, handles for-hire reporting requirements and provides outreach, customer service, and electronic reporting platforms in support of this effort.  Please make sure you are in compliance the program requirements prior to submitting your renewal application.  If you have questions or concerns about complying with the requirements, please contact the program by phone at (833) 707-1632 or email at ser.electronicreporting@noaa.gov

Certain permits have Vessel Monitoring System requirements that are handled by the Office of Law Enforcement in St. Petersburg, Florida.  Please contact the VMS office at (727) 314-2862 with your VMS compliance questions including how to obtain a Power Down Letter of Exemption.

If you need assistance with Individual Fishing Quota catch shares or have questions regarding participation in the IFQ program, contact (727) 460-2475, email nmfs.ser.catchshare@noaa.gov or visit the Catch Share Program.

For information about the purpose, use, and disclosure of data collected through permit applications, please review our Privacy Act Statement.

If you have any questions, please visit our Contact Us page or call at 877-376-4877. 

Last updated by Southeast Regional Office on July 01, 2024