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Another Three Gray Whales are Found Dead, Bringing the Total in Alaska to Ten

NOAA Fisheries Alaska Region has received reports of three additional dead gray whales, bringing the number of gray whale mortalities in Alaska to ten.
06/21/2019 - Media Release ,
A dead gray whale found near Wrangell, Alaska. Taken 6/17/2019. Credit: Ceona Koch

DRAFT Cook Inlet & Kodiak Marine Mammal Disaster Response Guidelines and Appendices

The Cook Inlet and Kodiak Marine Mammal Disaster Response Guidelines (CIKMMDRG) build upon the National Guidelines, incorporate information from the National Contingency Plan (NCP), National Response Framework (NRF), State of Alaska Emergency Operations
May 30, 2019 - Policy and Guidance ,

Young Gray Whale Found Dead at Clam Gulch in Alaska

NOAA Fisheries confirms fourth dead gray whale in Alaska
06/21/2019 - Media Release ,
Dead gray whale at Clam Gulch, on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska. Photo: Tim Clark, May 25, 2019

Cook Inlet and Kodiak Marine Mammal Disaster Response Guidelines

NOAA Fisheries, in an effort to increase preparedness for wildlife response under the Oil Pollution Act of 1990, has drafted guidelines for marine mammal response in disaster situations in Cook Inlet and Kodiak, Alaska entitled "Cook Inlet & Kodiak

Dead Gray Whale Found on Kodiak Island, Alaska's Third

NOAA Fisheries is closely tracking increase in gray whale strandings along the West Coast
06/21/2019 - Media Release ,
Dead gray whale on Kodiak Island. Photo courtesy Kris Luckenbach, May 21, 2019

Another Dead Gray Whale Discovered in Alaska, This Time Near Cordova

Partial Necropsy performed with help from U.S. Coast Guard
06/21/2019 - Media Release ,
3000x2000 USCG aerial necropsy.jpg Aerial photo of necropsy team examining gray whale.

Health Evaluation of Ringed Seals Documented in the Southern Bering Region, Winter 2017-Spring 2018

Evaluation of the health of ringed seals observed in four communities in the southern Bering Sea
May 20, 2019 - Other Reports ,

Marine Mammals of the U.S. North Pacific & Arctic

Identification guide for marine mammals in Alaska and the Arctic
December 10, 2018 -

Alaska Region Marine Mammal Stranding Network Spring/Summer 2018 Newsletter

Alaska Region Marine Mammal Stranding Network Newsletter
May 13, 2018 - Other Reports ,

Multi-Year Study Seeks to Understand Potential Impact of Tour Vessels on Harbor Seals in Alaska's Disenchantment Bay

Scientists work to identify potential impacts of tour vessels on harbor seal populations in the bay.
April 04, 2018 - Feature Story ,
Harbor seals using glacial ice in Disenchantment Bay, Alaska. Photo by John Jansen, NOAA Fisheries